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Advanced HAZOP Advanced HAZOP

Facilitating a HAZOP is a demanding task: A good facilitator successfully juggles the elements of the technical challenges of the process, the dynamics of the review team and the rigour required by the review. This course is aimed at HAZOP facilitators who want to refresh their knowledge or to take their facilitation skills to the next level.


alarm management Alarm Management

This course from PAS, the leaders in alarm management, will thoroughly cover the seven steps needed for an effective Alarm Management system. Basic and advanced topics on alarm management are covered, including details on understanding and applying the ANSI/ISA-18.2 standard on Alarm Management for the Process Industries. This course will provide a full understanding of effective alarm management, including business issues, industry standards and regulations, best practices, knowledge exchange, and a rigorous seven step methodology for achieving a highly effective alarm system. The presenter of this course is Ian Johnston, a certified PAS trainer. The course includes a copy of The Alarm Management Handbook, Second Edition.


IChemE Fundamentals of Process Safety - IChemE

Safety Solutions delivers this intensive 5-day course for IChemE. It will benefit staff at all levels in an organisation keen to develop or improve their knowledge of process safety, hazards, risk and their management. This course is delivered on behalf of IChemE. Price given is approximate. Register your interest here or go to the official IchemE website to register. 


HAC picture Hazardous Area Classification

The classification of areas where an explosive atmosphere might arise is required to permit the proper selection and installation of equipment for use in such hazardous areas. Explosive atmospheres result from the presence of flammable gases, vapours and dusts. The aim of this 2-day course is to develop the competencies required to perform a Hazardous Area Classification.


HAZOP Leader HAZOP Leader

HAZOP studies are the process industry’s accepted standard for critically examining planned or existing processes and procedures and identifying associated hazards to people, the environment or the equipment. The aim of this course is to train the course participants to become effective and efficient HAZOP review facilitators.


HAZOP HAZOP Participants

HAZOP studies are the process industry’s accepted standard for critically examining planned or existing processes and procedures and identifying associated hazards to people, the environment or the equipment. The aim of this course is to prepare participants for HAZOP reviews and make them more effective and efficient review team members.



HAZOP Participants E learning HAZOP Participants' Online Course

This is our popular HAZOP Participants' course delivered online. We believe that we have taken online learning to a new level. This course is as interactive and engaging as they come. Don't take our word for it - have a look at the demo.


croppedimage200200 PS for OE Introduction to Process Safety

Process plants are complex and the hazards associated with their operation are not easily identified and managed. However, as recurring process safety incidents show, it is imperative that the hazards and risks related to process plants are identified and adequately managed. This course is aimed at operators and engineers of process plants and offers an overview of the various aspects of process safety across the whole life cycle of process plants.


IChemE Layer of Protection Analysis - IChemE

This course covers the basic methodology of LOPA and the detailed stages of its application. Participants are shown how to identify significant scenarios, estimate frequencies for the worst-case events and how to assign risk categories. Safety Solutions delivers this course on behalf of IChemE and registration is only possible through IChemE.


PS for management Process Safety for Leadership

Investigations into process safety incidents have highlighted the importance of a clear understanding of the principles of process safety management throughout the leadership of an organisation. Whilst process safety principles must be practised by all, it is the leadership of an organisation that has the greatest influence on process safety standards and behaviour.


PPCT course Practical Process Control Training

With operating companies worldwide suffering from a shortage of experienced personnel and high turnover, development and retention of relevant expertise is a perpetual challenge. To help customers establish and maintain in-house capability, Safety Solutions is delivering the Apex Optimisation training courses with a focus on practical application. 


Risk Image Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is used to determine whether the risks associated with process hazards are managed to an acceptable level. There are a number of techniques available, and selecting the correct tool is critical to performing an effective assessment. This course is covers both quantitative and qualitative risk assessment tools (including bow tie, layer of protection analysis (LOPA), risk matrix, fault tree) and how they can be applied to the overall safety assessment process.


SIL SIL Facilitation

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) studies are the process industry’s accepted standard for determining the risk reduction required by Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF’s). Selecting the correct SIL level is critical to ensuring that your process design meets your risk targets while incorrect SIL determination can lead to exposure to risk or costly over design. The aim of this course is to enable the participants to become effective and efficient SIL study facilitators. 


meercat Meercat RiskReview Training

Meercat RiskView is an integrated cloud-based platform for all risk management activities. It provides all the functionality required by both risk managers and practitioners at any skill level as well as all other staff involved in control assurance, action tracking and data analysis.

This course covers key aspects on using and administering Meercat RiskReview for the purposes of implementing, operating and maintaining integrated risk management and control assurance framework.


ISC ISC Case Study

The ISC case study Tidal Wave takes you through a developing incident following a natural disaster, focusing on the resilience of the emergency response plans, when there is no community based resources available to assist. You will reflect on your own planning for emergency events including responding to natural disasters when emergency services are unavailable.