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PPCT course

Practical Process Control Training

  • Practical Process Control Techniques – this popular 3-day course is a must for people who want to polish up their regulatory control skills and get some hands on experience with loop tuning. The agenda also covers design of Advanced Regulatory Control with an introduction to higher level technologies. Attendees from a range of disciplines (process engineers, instrument/electrical engineers, instrument/DCS technicians, industry consultants and process control engineers) have benefited from the blend of practical techniques explained through the use of real life examples and simulation exercises. A detailed course agenda is provided here.


Course Content



• Process Control context – objectives, benefits, threats, terminology and structure.
• Process Responses – types and measurement.
• Data analysis – sampling, noise and filtering.
• PID feedback control – PID components, equation types and tuning approaches.
• Tuning techniques – flow, pressure, temperature and level tuning approaches.
• Loop performance and instrument vulnerabilities.


• Dealing with Deadtime – tuning and model based control.
• Cascade control – initialisation and anti-windup issues.
• Process non-linearity and how to deal with this.
• Constraint control and ratio control.
• Dynamic compensation and feedforward control.


• Alternative level control approaches.
• Distillation control approaches.
• Interaction and Decoupling.
• Duty control.
• Use of calculations and pressure compensated temperatures.
• Use of engineering models and developing an inference.
• Analyser feedback control.
• Control scheme design, implementation and maintenance and Operator Needs.
• Multivariable Predictive Control and benefits estimation.
• Other APC Techniques: Neural networks, Fuzzy logic and Expert Systems.

 Valuable training hours to meet professional CPD requirements whatever your discipline.


Course duration: 3 day

Maximum number of attendees: 20

Course price: $2400


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Where and when is this course offered?

Practical Process Control Techniques - Oct 16, 2018 to Oct 18, 2018
This 3 day course is offered in New Plymouth. NZD$2400 NZD$2150 (EarlyBird!) per attendee (Excl. GST).

With operating companies worldwide suffering from a shortage of experienced personnel and high turnover, development and retention of relevant expertise is a perpetual challenge. To help customers establish and maintain in-house capability, Safety Solutions is delivering the Apex Optimisation training courses with a focus on practical application. 

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EarlyBird Price of NZD$2150 per trainee ends in 29 days.
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